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:: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 ::

Unfortunately, Bob Reich lost the Democratic primary for Governor yesterday. It was a great honor to be a part of a campaign that did politics cleanly, the way it should be done, that brought a compelling vision to the race, that inspiried many new people to take part on the democratic process, and that viewed idealism as a neccesary component of politics, rather than an insult. Thank you, Bob.
If Ronald Regan's election was the start of the conservative takeover of America, the seeds were planted sixteen years earlier in Barry Goldwater's "extremism in defense of liberty" speech. He staked out territory far to the right of where the American electorate was, but the Republicans stick to their guns and build a party up around that ideology. It took sixteen years, but they eventually got to radically alter American politics and society. Let us, as progressives, unite behind the message offered by Robert Reich of renewing the social compact and building the economy by investing in everyone and go forward in building the Democratic party up as a powerful force for progressive change in America.
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