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:: Saturday, September 07, 2002 ::

Warren Tolman is an everyday, hack politician who is willing to play dirty and lie when he wants power. He is more interested in tearing down than building up. If Shannon O'Brien is elected Governor of Massachusetts, it will be because little baby Warren couldn't share the "reformer" mantle and has to use the $3 million he got in public financing by selling state hospitals to lie about Bob Reich's character and record.
:: Judah 6:07 PM [+] ::

:: Sunday, September 01, 2002 ::

Hopeful survery results from Search for Common Ground:

80% of Palestinians would support a large-scale non-violent protest movement and 56% would participate in its activities.

78% of Israeli Jews believe that the Palestinians have a legitimate right to seek a Palestinian state, provided that they use non-violent means.

A strong majority (62%) of Palestinians thinks that a new approach is needed in the Intifada and overwhelming majorities (73-92%) approve of Palestinians using various methods of nonviolent action.
:: Judah 2:43 AM [+] ::

Daoud Kuttab in the Jordan Times writes about the "unholy alliance" between Palestinian extremists and the Israeli hard-liners to perpetuate the violence.
:: Judah 2:38 AM [+] ::

Abdel Razak Yehiyeh, the new Palestinian Interior Minister, seems to be making some serious progress towards ending the violence in the Middle East. At the same time that he has been talking to Islamist groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad about forging a united Palestinian front with Fatah and the other secular nationalists, he's been pushing for this to be a non-violent unity and to "return to the legitimate struggle against occupation, without violence...."
:: Judah 2:21 AM [+] ::

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