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:: Thursday, August 01, 2002 ::

Ann Coulter finally begins to understand where the terrorists are coming from:
Coulter was asked why she condemns the terrorists so strongly, but not those who kill abortion doctors. She said that the latter have been extremely frustrated by the fact that they can’t vote on this issue, thanks to Roe vs. Wade, and that they worked within the system for twenty years without success before turning to murder. She said that those individuals believe they had been left with no other routes for dissent in the face of an ongoing atrocity. Coulter further suggested that although she would not take it upon herself to take extreme actions on the abortion issue, she will not condemn those who do.
:: Judah 1:12 PM [+] ::

Palestinians in Nablus emulate the Czech people during the 1968 Russian invasion - completely ignoring their occupiers. I wonder if this large-scale act of nonviolent disobedience could become something major. BTW, for those who have argued that the Palestinians should use non-violent tactics, well, here they are. Are you out there supporting them now?
:: Judah 12:43 PM [+] ::

Just as during the Cold War there were those who saw the Middle East conflict internationally, through the lens of America vs. Russia and those who view it as a regional issue, through the lens of Israel vs. Arabs/Palestinians, there are those who view it internationally today, as the West vs. Islam, and those who continue to see it regionally. Just as all progress to peace during the Cold War happened becuase of the regionalist perspective, the same holds true today. The sooner we realize the uniqueness of this conflict, the sooner we can help it come to an end.
:: Judah 12:40 PM [+] ::

I'm looking for some new progressive/left/liberal blogs for my links as well as any good ones that deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a pro-peace, non-one-sided way, as I try to. Leave suggestions.
:: Judah 12:43 AM [+] ::

I want to propose a hypothesis and have everyone (including all the real economists out there) share their thoughts:
One of the big factors driving down the stock market these days is lack of consume confidence in companies being honest in their dealings and accounting. Might, because of this, socially responsible funds -with their cleaner image- start, as a sector, start to out-perform the rest of the market? Might their reputations for being "good" companies help them now?
:: Judah 12:27 AM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 ::

This one hits a little closer to home. After all, I used to live on Mount Scopus and hang out in the Hebrew U. Forum. This should only strengthen our resolve to make more peace, not more war.
:: Judah 11:56 PM [+] ::

Warren Tolman accepted Bob Reich's challenge to debate one-on-one. (Full disclosure - if Bob wasn't in the race, I'd probably be a Tolman supporter. I voted for him on the second ballot at the convention.) Now, if only Shannon O'Brien, Bob's real challenger, would do it as well. But, as even Mitt Romney has noted, Shannon's chicken.
:: Judah 11:51 PM [+] ::

Shame on Massachusetts officials for changing the Medicaid program so that it would reimburse pharmacies 2% less than the cost of prescription drugs and shame on CVS, Walgreens, and Brooks Pharmacies for planning to stop filling Medicaid prescriptions. Once again, government balancing the budget on the backs of the neediest and corporations not giving a damn about social responsibility.
:: Judah 11:42 PM [+] ::

Surprisingly, we haven't heard much about this recent attack on Palestinians in Hebron by Jewish settlers, in which they shot a 14 year-old dead. Even a top Israeli official called it, "'a pogrom against the Arabs of Hebron, with no provocations on the Palestinian side.''
:: Judah 11:38 PM [+] ::

:: Monday, July 29, 2002 ::

Robert Reich's campaign ads premier tonight in Boston.
:: Judah 5:00 PM [+] ::

These two reports from Ha'aretz show how serious the Palestinian cease fire initiative was until Ariel Sharon ordered the a one-ton bomb dropped on the residential neighborhood where Salah Shehada was hiding. The cynical view says that Sharon specifically wanted to keep the violence going so he can stay in power. The less cynical view is that he'll continue to fight against the Palestinians until they give up and accept his demands for, he believes, Israel's security.
-"Liquidating an initiative" by Hannah Kim
-"Deadly reality and cease-fire fantasy" by Amir Oren
:: Judah 4:59 PM [+] ::

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