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:: Friday, June 07, 2002 ::

Arundhati Roy, eloquent as always.
:: Judah 11:20 PM [+] ::

Homosexuality, sports, and normative masculinity from the LA Weekly.
:: Judah 11:17 PM [+] ::

Ah yes, a behind the scenes look at how the West exports war.
:: Judah 11:14 PM [+] ::

An interesting article from the Economist on military intervention that works. This poses a challenge for both leftist groups that I've previously described, the "anti-imperialists" and the "pacifists/moral-strategists". I think its more difficult for those who oppose any foreign internvention. If anyone is more knowledgeable in nonviolence theory, I would love to hear the nonviolent alternative. If this is how we normally used militaries, I'd be less likely to call myself a pacifist.
:: Judah 11:13 PM [+] ::

Tina Empol shows us the connection between corporate globalization and feminism.
:: Judah 11:09 PM [+] ::

If anyone knows a good discussion board server to use, let me know.
:: Judah 5:31 PM [+] ::

Some people have asking me for a little background, so I thought I'd share a little of who I am. My name is Judah Ariel and I'm a student at Brandeis University in Boston. I'm studying Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies. My main academic and personal interests are the Arab-Israeli Conflict, trade and development, religion (in particular, Judaism), feminism and other liberal politics, and jam music. I spend my time reading (three newspapers a day), playing guitar, having great discussions with friends, and, of course, blogging. After school, I want to get my doctorate in International Relations and go into foreign policy work on the Middle East. I grew up in a Conservative Jewish house in Shaker Heights, Ohio and went to Jewish day school for 12 years. My mom is a therapist and my dad is a professor of Judaic Studies. I also have a younger brother and sister. I lived in Israel for a year before college, spending part of my time working for Seeds of Peace. I have a girlfriend, Dena, of three years. At school I run Students for Peace in Israel and Palestine and am on the core committee of Students for a Just Society, a group dedicated to understanding globalization and combatting global poverty. I also help coordinate the college campaign of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom: The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace. I'm spending this summer as an intern for the Robert Reich for Governor campaign.
:: Judah 5:30 PM [+] ::

Thanks for Junius, Polygon, and MaxSpeak for the links. You can check their pages out from my list of blogs over on the left.
:: Judah 5:21 PM [+] ::

Nathan Lewin, a prominent Orthodox legal advisor, reccomends in Shma that Israel start executing terrorists' relatives. Just to make that clear - this guy is arguing that Israel should start to kill civillians because they are related to terrorists, unless the relatives denounce the terror and refuse to accept any money for their loss.
Thankfully, many Jewish leaders have loudly rejected this idea. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, leader of Reform Judaism, said, "The opinion is utterly reprehensible and totally contrary to the most fundamental principles of the Jewish religious tradition and everything the State of Israel has been about since its founding." I love the quote from Arthur Green, one of my professors as Brandeis and former president of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, who wrote that his first desire upon reading Lewin's essay was to "tear my garments, as a sign of mourning on hearing the desecration of God's name." Best of all is Jeremy Burton, a member of Sh'ma's advisory board and executive director of AMOS: The National Jewish Partnership for Social Justice. "Burton argued, in his own name, that the attorney should now be blackballed from organized Jewish life, just as the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was ostracized for calling for the mass deportation of Arabs from Israel."
Add to that black list torture-supporting "lawyer" Alan Dershowitz and Anti-Defamation League (motto: Fighting Anti-Semitism, Promoting Anti-Arabism) head Abraham Foxman who "argued that his proposal represented a legitimate attempt to forge a policy for stopping terrorism." When Dershowitz's and Foxman's times come, they shouldn't be surprised to find themselves in the same rung of hell as the Palestinian terrorists whom they so despise. If Lewin, Dershowitz, or Foxman even come to your town, greet them with a sign letting them know they're not welcome in the same Jewish tradition as Isaiah, Hillel, and Heschel.
:: Judah 1:35 AM [+] ::

:: Thursday, June 06, 2002 ::

I'm starting a countdown until we hear about the Jean Chretien-Paul Martin fracas from Matt Sheren, over at The Sardonic Subversive. Matt is my favorite expert on Canadian politics, and most of what I know comes from him, even if he isn't always radical enough for my tastes. He's a McGill student and he always finds a unique take on his experiences of being an Anglo in Montreal.
:: Judah 1:18 AM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 ::

From Eschaton:

I'm posting this again. For some reason
I thought this would get a bigger
reaction than it did. Maybe the point
isn't clear enough....Mueller on Meet the
Press, June 2nd.

MR. MUELLER: No. I’m just
getting started on the job. And the
beauty of the job is I have the
opportunity to work with FBI
special agents, the men and women
in the FBI, who are remarkable
and wonderful. And what gets lost
in a lot of this dialogue is the job
that they have done since
September 11 in protecting this
country. Within two weeks, they
identified the 19 hijackers, within
six weeks, they identified the fact
that this was al-Qaeda, leading
back to Osama bin Laden. Since
September 11, they have been
working day and night to protect
the country from additional
attacks. They are a wonderful
group of individuals. It is the
people that has made the bureau in
the past, and I’m proud to be a
part of it.

(via Blowback via Dack).

As Blowback points out, this was a mere
2 weeks after the bombing campaign in
Afghanistan began on October 7.

In other words, IF IT TOOK 6 WEEKS

I'll let everyone search out for themselves the various explanations for why we bombed Afghanistan that have nothing to do with Bin Laden.
:: Judah 6:14 PM [+] ::

One of the few benefits to modern day socialism: Meretz, Labor, and Fatah - all members of the Socialist International (didn't think that still existed?) - all voted to support a resolution calling for mutual recognition of two states and a shared Jerusalem as a start to making peace.
:: Judah 5:59 PM [+] ::

The man who many of us wish was president instead of Clinton is getting involved in real politics. Josiah Bartlett, better known as Martin Sheen, plans to campaign for Janet Reno's gubernatorial campaign.
Quick aside - it was once said that Ohio's Bob Taft really puts the goober back in gubernatorial.
:: Judah 5:40 PM [+] ::

The always enlightening Robert Kuttner on Bush's new punative welfare rules. It's interesting to note that during the original 1996 debate over welfare reform, there was a plan discussed within the Clinton administration that would have changed welfare from a program of handouts to a program that would help get people into good paying jobs. However, it would have cost $2 billion per year over what welfare cost at the time, so Clinton never proposed it. Instead, he proposed only the new restrictions that it was going to contain, with none of the new funding to make the program work.
Another note on welfare arguments - the argument that the welfare rolls have dropped since 1996 means nothing. The goal wasn't to cut welfare, but to get people into stable jobs. The question isn't whether these people left welfare, but what happpened to them since? I think all to many of the people who were cut have sicne ended up back in poverty, even if they are working.
:: Judah 4:51 PM [+] ::

If you have the time, read Foreign Affairs, one of the most respected popular journals on international issues (and one of my favorite foreign policy magazines, the other being Foreign Policy). This issue has an article by Rob Malley and Hussein Agha on why now is the time for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace and not small "interim" deals.
:: Judah 1:03 AM [+] ::

Gideon Samet thinks there's hope for movement from a peace coalition of the Arab states, Europe, and finally America.
:: Judah 12:33 AM [+] ::

:: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 ::

More news from Yossi Beilin and Shahar. Meretz is apparently annoyed that Beilin didn't coordinate the launch with them and that he hasn't ruled out staying in Labor, but are willing to work with him anyway.
:: Judah 9:25 PM [+] ::

Gershom Gorenberg in the Jerusalem Report on the connection between the Republican right and Israel. He also adds an impassioned and important plea for American Jews to get politically active by asking the U.S. Government to become more diplomatically engaged in the Middle East. Worthwhile reading, since he's more eloquent than I am.
:: Judah 3:29 AM [+] ::

Here's a nice little bit about the Orthodox making up students to get government funds in Israel. And you thought I was making that up...
:: Judah 2:54 AM [+] ::

:: Monday, June 03, 2002 ::

I'm not totally sure what this means, but Ha'aretz is reporting that Yossi Beilin is setting up a new political party. Is it going to compete with Meretz? Is it going to join a coalition with other leftist parties? Nonetheless, it's good to see the doves finally bolting the directionless Labor party. Now we wait and see what Avraham Burg, Yossi Sarid, and Roman Bromfman do.
UPDATE: Full article here from Ha'aretz.
NEW UPDATE: The Jerusalem Post has a more in-depth article here. Apparently, Yossi Sarid and Roman Bromfman are on board.
:: Judah 4:47 PM [+] ::

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