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:: Friday, May 17, 2002 ::

A kid from Washington state turns his Dad in for using marijuana, medicinally. To the local media, this kid is a hero. I think he's lucky to have a stoner dad. That way he probably won't get punished too harshly.
:: Judah 6:01 PM [+] ::

Jeff Cohen asks "What is a terrorist?"
:: Judah 5:37 PM [+] ::

Tamar Rotem writes about militarism and feminism in Israel. It was feminists who got Israel out of Lebanon and it's feminists on the forefront of peace efforts now.
:: Judah 5:32 PM [+] ::

IDF lies about killing Israeli-Palestinian. The occupation leads Israel to do terrible things.
:: Judah 5:23 PM [+] ::

For daily links to "voices of moderation" in the Middle East, check out Americans for a Third Way in the Middle East.
:: Judah 4:16 AM [+] ::

John Nichols feels that Rep. Cynthia McKinney is vindicated in her calling for an investigation of 9/11, now that everyone's asking, "What did Dubya know?"
:: Judah 4:08 AM [+] ::

Regarding Mickey Kaus and Josh Marshall: I'm a secular Democrat and I identify with Israel, oppose its occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, care about Palestinians and am opposed to terror for any reason. So where do I fit on that Pew survey?
:: Judah 4:02 AM [+] ::

Dan Rather admits that he didn't ask tough questions about the War in Afghanistan because of "patriotism run amok".
:: Judah 3:48 AM [+] ::

Washington Post reports on how DC made this child's last name illegal. My parents pulled our last name out of thin air. Thankfully, they did in in New England.
:: Judah 3:44 AM [+] ::

Nicholas Kristof in the NYT on why Yasir Arafat is a bad negotiator, but still offers a good chance for peace.
:: Judah 3:20 AM [+] ::

:: Thursday, May 16, 2002 ::

Now, I'm not saying anything about my own habits, but I like this suggestion from AlterNet: If you smoke pot, be proud of it and challenge the negative stereotype marijuana users have. Check out Coming Out of the Cannabis Closet including this wonderful quote: "I get stoned and I listen to Mahler -- classical music with weed is fabulous."
:: Judah 3:05 AM [+] ::

Despite Israeli claims, the American government has denied that there is any evidence linking the upper echelons of the Palestinian Authority to terror. Not that a Palestinian uprising suprised any of us who followed the growing dissilusionment with Israeli land grabs, delays, and wholly inadequate final offers. Of course, the offer at Taba was much better, but Ariel Sharon ended negotiations.
:: Judah 1:38 AM [+] ::

I've been exploring a whole bunch of blogs lately, thanks mostly to my friend Matt Sheren. And I've noticed that almost all of them are rather libertarian and usually quite conservative. Some even border on racism against Arabs, usually by people who have never made one Arab friend. So, my challenge is to present a more intelligent, compassionate, painfully progressive, and pro-peace analysis. I just hope that what I say doesn't get in my way of being Secretary of State someday.
:: Judah 1:30 AM [+] ::

Ok, so I took a little hiatus as I was busy with a lot of other things. For instance, I founded a new student group at Brandeis called Students for Peace in Israel and Palestine. I went to Washington, DC for the founding conference of a new Jewish peace group, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom: The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace. I also did silly things, like take finals and write papers on Rabbi A.J. Heschel's theology. But now that school's out, I'll try to keep Stage Left up and running.
:: Judah 1:26 AM [+] ::

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