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:: Monday, March 04, 2002 ::

This is worth getting excited for!! Latest rumors have Phish announcing a return after their Simpsons episode on April 7th. There should be a late fall/holiday run with stops in New York and Boston (Worcester??). It looks like winter break's going to be in the north east this year. You're all invited to go on tour!!
:: Judah 3:52 AM [+] ::

I turned 21 a week ago. Anyone know any good bars in Boston? Let me know!
:: Judah 12:42 AM [+] ::

Sorry about how long its taken me to update my blog. I was out of town for a week (more on that later) and lazy for a while. Before we go on, its worth pausing to remember how senseless the Middle East conflict is. Dozens of Palestinians and Israelis have been killed the past few days becuase the Israelis don't realize that their occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem is driving the Palestinians to more and more horrific acts as they fight for their liberation. The Palestinians don't realize, however, that all the majority of Israelis need is a feeling of security in order to withdraw from all of the occupied areas and live peacefully, side by side. A moment, please, for those who fate has placed atop the alter of memory. Let us pray that the dead will remind us of the futility of violence, not drive us to acts of revenge.
:: Judah 12:37 AM [+] ::

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